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When we made the decision to sell our home the only agents we would consider were Ken & Katrina Kelleway.   Reasons why? We knew that they would answer our calls & emails within a reasonable time frame They promised to be present for EVERY showing so that they could answer any questions the other agents or their clients had. Ken & Katrina were willing to work around our schedules - shift work makes it a challenge for showings but they made it happen. Our pets were comfortable with them, so we knew that their safety and needs were in competent hands when we could not be present to put them away. And last - they were the original builders of the home so they knew every aspect and feature better than anyone else! We were very satisfied with the level of service they provided for us and are happy to reccommend them!

Kevin & Lyrae, Maple Ridge

Katrina & Ken did a great job - they helped us to find a new home (downsized!) and encouraged us to list our home just before the market started it's downward turn in 2018.  Their suggestions on getting the house ready for the market really made a difference and we are so pleased with the outcome. Katrina was present for each showing appointment, and escorted unrepresented buyers through the home during our 2 days of Open Houses. The result? We had multiple offers, accepted one and had a backup offer AND we were able to rent back the basement suite from the new owners since our new home would not be ready until early 2019. So happy we listened to their advice!

Mike & Cathy, Maple Ridge,

Having lived in our home for 30 years we had a lot of 'stuff' stored in our basement and around the house.  Katrina came in, and helped us decide how best to tackle the mountains of boxes and waited patiently for us to clear as much out as we could before listing it. Then she helped to stage our home for the photos, bringing in some extra decorative items to make the yard look a bit more colorful since we listed in the late fall.   Either Katrina or a member of her team was present for every showing appointment since we were uncomfortable with the idea of having agents access via a lockbox.  She was very helpful when we did get offers in explaining the benefits of each of them, and in the end she helped us negotiate the best price for our home.  One of her partners, Glen (Kelleway Mortgage Architects) also provided us with great advice on how to finance the purchase of our new property and offered suggestions for financing the building mortgage.  

Randy & Diane, Surrey

Ken & Katrina were very helpful in listing the home of our aging parents.  Days before their first meeting, they provided a full CMA so they could read it thoroughly and ask questions later.  The information provided surprised them when they found out their home was worth much more that what they had originally thought!  Respecting their limits on time was also important - the marketing plan they implemented was based on the ability of their clients to make the home available for showing.  Ken & Katrina decided the best way to limit the stress for our parents was to host an open house weekend, and take offers 2 days later. Ken stayed with our parents for the duration of the inspection to help ease their minds.   Katrina recommended an online auction company to help sell their collections and furniture that family did not need or want.  This helped to relax them a bit more about the move since now all they need to do is pack what they want to take with them and leave the rest!  Thanks for all your help!

M. & N. McDonnell (for B. & C. McDonnell)

Ken and Katrina were everything we could have asked for in real estate agents. Thanks to Ken and Katrina's knowledge and background in contracting we felt confident that the home we picked will be manageable for years to come. As first time home owners we couldn't be more pleased or reassured we're making the right choice for us.

Teshia & Justin, Pitt Meadows, BC

'Dear Glen, A belated thank you note for all the efforts and perseverance with our duplex project. The timing was just right and we're happy that we had you on the team along with Serena, Heather, Adele and Ron! Thank you!!'

~ Best Wishes - Ben and Eni, Maple Ridge, BC